Cargo bikes Made in Bremen

A sporty and lightweight cargo bike with cable steering:
Whether as an agile bike for commuters or a manoeuvrable children's taxi. Our Velo Lab Kàro is ready for the challenges of everyday life. And so light that it doesn't necessarily need a motor!

Velo Lab - Lastenräder made in Bremen - Comparison of cargo bikes

Cable steering for the familiar driving feel

The cable steering makes our cargo bike extremely manoeuvrable. So you are perfectly equipped for narrow places, busy streets or the hustle and bustle in front of the kindergarten.

Velo Lab - Karo Gravel cargo bike from Germany

Space-Frame Design

Our handcrafted frame construction ensures extreme stability, lightness and driving precision, no matter how heavy your load or how rough the terrain.

Velo Lab - Kàro Commuter cargo bike made in Germany

Handmade in Bremen

Because we carry out the frame construction, powder coating and assembly of the bicycles here, we can keep the transport times short.

Velo Lab - Kàro Gravel Cargobike - made in Germany

Familiar driving experience

Thanks to years of experience in cycling, Stathis has developed a cargo bike that rides like a normal bicycle.

Velo Lab - Kàro Family - Sporty cargo bike for families

Various superstructures + accessories

Whether you're looking for a cargo bike that's perfect for transporting children, dogs or groceries. We have the right one for you.

Velo Lab - Kàro Commuter cargo bike made in Germany

Available with and without motor

You don't necessarily need a motor on our lightweight cargo bikes. But if you do, the powerful Neodrives z20 rear motor will support your adventures.

A cargo bike that rides like a bicycle

Stathis, founder and engineer at Velo Lab, has over 15 years of experience in professional cycling and knows exactly how different factors of a bicycle influence each other and determine the riding comfort.

He has developed this cargo bike so that it rides like a normal bicycle:
extremely manoeuvrable, easy to ride and with a familiar feel.

Kàro Commuter - With light,
mudguards and pedals
Steering angle enables
easy manoeuvring

Cargo bikes with cable steering

Cargo bikes for urban cyclists and the modern family

Are you looking for a cargo bike that is as easy to ride as a normal bike, but can also carry heavier loads?

The Velolab Karo is the perfect choice! Our patented cable steering makes it super easy to ride, while different set-ups allow you to use your bike for a variety of purposes.

Velo Lab - Kàro Gravel Cargobike - made in Germany

Gravel cargo bike

Extremely manoeuvrable and lightweight cargo bike for adventurers.
To the bike

Kàro Family

If it can be a little bigger: the all-round and family cargo bike
To the bike

2 frame sizes

You can choose our Gravelcargo between 2 frame heights
. This allows people from 1.50 m to 2.05 m
ride our Kàro.

For people from 1.50 to
A cargo bike also for tall
people over 1.90m
Velo Lab - Kàro Family - Sporty cargo bike for families

Bodies for the Velo Lab Kàro

Adapts to your needs

Our bodies and accessories can be combined with each other and interchanged. This keeps your cargo bike flexible for the different developments in your life.

  • Solutions for child transport
  • Transport of dogs
  • Use as a commuter bike
  • Solutions for commercial use

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