Velo Lab builds cargo bikes in Bremen. Frame construction and development made in Germany

Sporty cargo bike

Bicycles Made in Bremen

Innovative bikes and cargo bikes for people who value quality and want to know where their bike was built.

Bicycle manufacture from Germany

Innovation meets fine craftsmanship

We develop and manufacture bicycles by hand. From welding to powder coating, we assemble our bikes in our own workshop in Bremen. We attach great importance to the durability and sustainability of the materials.

But above all, we build bikes that we like to ride ourselves!

Bikes as individual as our customers

Velo Lab - Kàro Gravel Cargobike - made in Germany

Gravel Kàro

Extremely manoeuvrable and lightweight cargo bike for adventurers
Everything about the Gravel Cargo

Kàro Family

If it can be a little bigger: the all-round and family cargo bike
More about the Kàro Family
Velo Lab - Stainless steel gravel bike

Stainless Steel Gravel Bike

Ever Lasting - a frame for eternity
Everything about the stainless steel Gravel Bike
Velo Lab - Bremen City Bike

Citybike "Bremen

A city bike inspired by our home: Bremen. Discover the lightness of a handmade bike.
All information about the "Bremen
Velo Lab - Folding Project - lightweight foldable bike for traveling

Folding Project

Radical, uncompromising design for the urban commuter.
Discover the FP
Velo Lab Balance Bike for Kids

Balance Bike

The FATBIKE wheel for the big cyclists of tomorrow. Grows with you thanks to the reversible frame!
Coming Soon
Jap Kellner produces sustainable bicycles in Bremen

Bicycle production in Germany

Long-term and sustainable thinking

By producing the frames in our own workshop, we avoid long transport routes and always have a close eye on the quality of the frames.

In addition, our aluminium comes from Greece and has two thirds lower C02 emissions than Asian aluminium. The wood for our cargo bikes and accessories comes from sustainable forestry.

And what's more sustainable than a bike frame that lasts effectively forever and doesn't need to be painted?
Check out our stainless steel gravel bike!

Technical drawing of a cargo bike - handmade in Bremen

Velocipede Laboratory

We are constantly developing

We are constantly reinventing our bikes and developing new models. Building the frames in our own workshop and having full control over the process allows us to implement ideas and change in days, rather than months.

Through this process we have already developed unique bikes:
- Our Kàro series cargo bikes ride like a normal bike.
- The Folding Project folding bike is radical in its design language and agility

Velo Lab Design

Born in Athens
Handmade in Bremen

The idea to develop a new bicycle design was "born" in Athens in 2010 by experienced cyclist and mechanical engineer Stathis Stasinopoulos.

After Stathis realised that his developments and ideas could not find a market in Greece, he moved to the bicycle city of Bremen. Here he meets Jap Kellner.

Together they set up a laboratory for bicycle design and manufacturing on the Überseeinsel in Bremen, where they design and develop their own bicycles and bicycle-related products.
The goal: bikes they love to ride.

Portrait of Efstathios Stasinopoulos - co-founder of Velo Lab - cargo bikes and bicycles made in Bremen
Stathis & Jap
The brains behind Velo Lab
Portrait of Jap Kellner - co-founder of Velo Lab - cargo bikes and bicycles made in Bremen
Velo Lab hall with various bicycle models - made in Bremen

Our showroom and open bicycle manufactory

In our showroom and our open bicycle factory on the Überseeinsel in Bremen, we always have different models for you to touch and test ride. Here we are also available to give you advice and show you why we like riding our bikes so much.

If we have a bit of space in our workshop, we'll also be happy to take you on a tour of the production facilities and show you where we weld and paint the frames.

Bicycles from Germany with own powder coating

We powder our frames ourselves

Our own powder coating facility guarantees fast and high-quality production of beautiful, high-quality bicycle frames. With 100 % green electricity, we can respond quickly and flexibly to customer wishes and implement further innovations.

At Velo Lab the bikes are welded in the in-house workshop

Own frame construction in Bremen

We weld our frames ourselves here in our workshop in Bremen. This gives us full control over the entire process and allows us to test further developments extremely quickly and implement them in production.

In addition, we keep the production routes short - good news for you, because your new bike is ready faster and for the environment, because we save long transport routes.

The Velo Lab Bicycle Gallery

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