A bike perfect for anyone who wants to get around town with fun and sustainability. Made in Bremen and designed for absolute riding fun!

Bremen City Bike
from 2 500 €
Velo Lab Bremen city bike. Side view of an unpainted bicycle
Bremen City Bike
from 2 500 €
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Velo Lab Bremen city bike. High-quality equipped bike for the city. With BuM lighting

Made for everyday use

Fully equipped, you'll find it easy to drift along on this bike in everyday city life. But this manoeuvrable bike is built so that you can quickly weave your way through heavy traffic.
Velo Lab Bremen city bike. Fully equipped bike with hub dynamo

A modern bicycle

We believe that the most sustainable bike is the one that is used for a long time. By using e-through axles and our sliding dropouts, this bike is built strong and designed to be used for a long time.
At Velo Lab the bikes are welded in the in-house workshop

Bicycle made in Bremen

This bike is made in Germany in our own workshop. We weld the frame and powder coat the frames in our own facility.

A beautiful city bike made in Germany

Introducing the Bremen Citybike! This agile two-wheeler is perfect for whizzing through crowded streets and tight corners.

Thanks to our in-house welding workshop and the use of aluminium from Greece, it's also a great choice for sustainable transport.

Whether you choose hub or derailleur gears, this bike guarantees fun and comfort.

Velo Lab Bremen city bike. Man riding a bicycle through the city
Velo Lab Bremen city bike. Side view of an unpainted bicycle

Hand-welded aluminium frame

Like all our frames, we also weld this one in our own workshop. This allows us to constantly develop this bike further and maintain short distances.

Extremely manoeuvrable

It's easy to see where its creator, Stathis, comes from: cycling. It is easy to ride and extremely agile.

27.5" or 28" rims

You have the choice between 2 wheel sizes and can thus adapt the frame perfectly to your needs.

All on

Mudguards, light system, luggage rack. With this bike, we leave nothing to be desired and you can simply set off straight away.